2015 season

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Hi Guys,

Here we are with the 2015 season about to start,and the arrival of the new boat around the corner!! We are getting a brand new 10m Cougar catamaran built to my design layout. She will have twin 300hp yamaha outboards which we hope will give a cruising speed of over 25knts!! This will not just drastically cut down the time travelling to the marks but will open up a whole new area for us Jerseys to explore as it will now be viable within a days travel.The fishing in 2014 was great, but i just cant wait to see what 2015 brings when we can explore new wrecks and try new marks that werent viable until now!! Lets all cross fingers for another year of great weather aswell!! In 2014 the reefs Of the Peninsula produced fantastic days of sport with so many different species which shows a healthy marine environment which has been sustainably fished year after year! With huge catches of pollack upto 9ibs and good numbers of coalie upto 4ibs!There were plenty of wrasse around with good numbers of Coockoo’s and Ballans around the isle!! The wrecks fished well, again some great fish with good numbers of pollack to 17ibs, cod to over 9ibs and good sizes of ling and coalie. We had Black Bream upto 2.5ibs, good nuimbers of Tope and the best for 2014 was 62ibs but had many in the high 50ibs and a couple more just over 60ibs!!We’ve seen some nice Bass again but due to a change in the weather, most of the trips were cancelled, meaning there should be better numbers for this year!!We had an excellent couple of 2 day wrecking trips across the water to sample some of the excellent Irish atmosphere and may have had a couple’a pints of the black stuff!!!The fishing on those trips can also be special as it gives plenty of time to check out wrecks that are hardly ever fished! If you fancy some of this, please get in touch to book your places! As for our shark fishing trips, well 2014 again produced some lovely fish (blues) to over 150ibs !! We spent a week using Fishguard as our base, then heading down off St Davids head to fish for the Blue’s/ Porgies and as we found out again in 2014 the sharks are abundant in that area! (see the pics in Gallery). Haf-Aled III has been a fantastic boat for the last 7yrs and Equipment we hope the new owners get as much pleaseure as i did from her!! The new 10m Cougar Catamaran ‘Haf-Aled’ will be with us in April,and will be ready for the 2015 season!!!She will be a top of the range charter boat which will boast loads of deck space, sheltered seating, toilet and again easy step on/off access. I have opened my diary for 2015, bookings have gone mad with all weekends for 2015 booked up, although there are a couple of spaces on a few ‘individual’ weekend trips on a couple of weekends,there are also still a few midweek dates available for both full boat/individual charters, so please hurry and secure your bookings for some more fantastic fishing with North Wales Leading Charter Boat !

We are also able to offer trips based at Nefyn on the north side of the Llyn Peninsula as well as from Pwllheli. These trips will be offered on inshore/Bardsey trips cheap jerseys during periods of Southerly winds, when sailing from Pwllheli would not be possible, giving you the angler a better chance of getting out when your trip would otherwise be cancelled. This will also allow us to offer trips at reduced rates and shorter steaming times!!

Prices for 2015 sailing from Pwllheli are based on 10 anglers, however having the new boat with twice as much deck space as Haf-Aled III will allow us to be able to take groups upto 12 people in comfort, prices on groups of more than 10 will then be based on an individual price though, they are as follows:- Full boat charter upto 10hrs and upto 10 anglers, wrecking trip £750, or wholesale nfl jerseys £75 as an individual (upto 30 miles from port)for further wrecks a small additional fee may be added to cover fuel. Full boat charter upto 10 anglers 9hr Bass trip £700, or £70 as an individual. Full boat upto 10 anglers 8 hr Tope/Bream trip £500, or £50 as an individual. Full boat charter upto 9 hr Bardsey isle trip upto 10 anglers £650, or £65 as an individual. Full boat charter upto 8hr General(Huss/Rays) trip£450, or £45 as wholesale jerseys an individual. When the new boat arrives it will give you the angler much more fishing time for no extra cost!!. If sailing from Nefyn deduct £50 from each full boat charter or £5 from individual prices on the Bass, Bardasey and Wrecking trips. A deposit of £150 for a full boat booking or £10 per person for Tope/Bream or general fishing and £200 for Wrecking/bass trips or £20 person for indivuals, which must be sent to me within 7 days of cheap jerseys booking to secure the places. We also reserve the right to increase these prices if fuel prices go up again during the season.

We have also been successfully running what i describe as ‘Prestige’ individual trips together for small numbers of people wanting more space on the boat and that are willing to cheap nfl jerseys pay a bit extra for the privelage. You can either ring me or email me for more details if you are interested. They are mostly for 6 to 8 anglers and on weekends, however i also have a few midweek dates available through 2015. Once the new boat arrives this will be mostly based on 8 anglers as there will be much more deck space and will work out much cheaper for you the angler! We have had great feedback on all these trips the last couple of seasons and now have a good number of people who regularly take part on these ‘special’ days! so i can honestly say they have been a huge success with the anglers! We have also got many excited anglers who are eager to fish on the new boat!

Thank you all very 2014 much for your support through the yrs, and i will look forward to seeing you all again soon for some more excellent fishing through 2015 aboard the new Haf-Aled roll on May!!!

For any more info just pick up the phone or e-mail us, cheers guys! Tight lines, jason

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